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Unique combination of delicious chocolate and Veri-te trans-resveratrol – very effective antioxidant with a plethora of beneficial health effects.

Handmade chocolate is enriched by high quality Veri-te trans-Resveratrol produce by Evolva with guaranteed purity - no environmental contaminants, no harsh solvents.

Daily dose contains 85 mg of Resveratrol in 5g chocolate bar.


  • Resveratrol is the healthy nutrient you may have heard about in red wine. Beyond the grapes that make the wine, this polyphenol is also found in other plants and is used as a protector from the harsh environments in which they grow. Scientific research and clinical data suggest that resveratrol works at a cellular level to assist healthy aging through bone health, cardiovascular health, blood glucose control, healthy cognitive function, skin youthfulness and oral health.

  • No preservatives, natural ingredients only

  • Handmade production in the European Union

Key ingredients

  • Veri-te trans-Resveratrol is natural origin made by innovative yeast fermentation process.

  • Unroasted cocoa beans. Superfood rich source of antioxidants as well as vitamins, dietary fiber, enzymes, essential fatty acids and minerals.

  • Cocoa butter is purely natural fat in cocoa beans, it contains combination of saturated fatty acids and mono unsaturated fatty acids. Stearic Acid is unique saturated fat as it doesn´t increase LDL level of cholesterol in blood. It is characterised by high stability due to natural antioxidants contained - vitamin E and polyphenolic substances. 

Natural product - No preservatives - No artificial colours and aromas - Raw cocoa beans

Used ingredients and proportions fulfill the requirements for nutrition and health claims according to the Regulation (EC) No. 1924/2006, based on scientific opinion of EFSA.